Level Your Overgrown Land in the Cambridge, ID Area

Rely on us to provide thorough land clearing and forestry mulching services

When you hire someone to clear your land, you don't want to be left with piles of debris that need to be hauled away. That's why you should schedule forest mulching services from MC Underground LLC. With over 15 years of experience, our contractor is a leading provider of land clearing services in Cambridge, ID and the surrounding areas.

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Discover 3 benefits of choosing forestry mulching services

Forest mulching services are selective, which benefits you in many ways. For example, this land clearing method is:

  • Cost-effective - choose which areas you want to clear instead of paying to level the entire lot
  • Environmentally friendly - leave behind a fresh bed of mulch that will naturally decompose and enrich your soil
  • Efficient - use high-powered machinery to level undesirable vegetation, trees, underbrush and stumps quickly

And the best part? This land clearing method won't harm the roots of trees that you want to keep.

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